Love your community and give back.
If you involve yourself in the community, it will pay off tenfold.
— Dan Hom, CEO and President, Focuscom

About Focuscom Inc. 

Focuscom is a dynamic public affairs and public relations agency located in the heart of downtown San Diego. 

Dan Hom's extensive experience working with people and delivering results that increased a company's bottom line, opened the doors for a company built on trust, expertise, and value. Thus, in 2006, Dan, Founder and CEO of Focuscom Inc., set out to establish his own public affairs and public relations firm. A fourth-generation, native San Diegan and local community activist, Dan saw the opportunity to branch out from the corporate world. He entered the private sector and decided to make a name for himself in the public affairs and public relations industry by starting his own company. His mission for Focuscom is to generate profitable results for our clients through effective communication and the development of key relationships. Dan recognizes the importance of making connections and building relationships. He contributes this valuable knowledge to each and every endeavor. His philanthropic contributions, as well as success in business both locally and internationally, are testaments to Dan’s ability to reach the masses and make those strategic connections between key leaders in the community that will ultimately make your business a driving force in its industry. 

In August 2011, Dan was awarded "Entrepreneur of the Year" at the Asian Heritage Award Ceremony hosted by Asian Media. Chosen by the public for his entrepreneurial leadership, Dan has continued to show his dedication to the community through Focuscom Inc. Take a look at what Rosalynn Carmen, president of the Asian Heritage Society, has to say about Dan being awarded. 

In February 2012, Dan was named a 2012 METRO MOVER by San Diego Metro Magazine, for his outstanding contributions to San Diego County in the upcoming year. Dan was chosen for his current outreach efforts to support various Asian American organizations, highlighting the rich culture that San Diego has to offer. 

In August 2012, Focuscom Inc. was awarded the first-ever 'Small Business Spotlight' by the Asian Business Association of San Diego in partnership with KyXy 96.5 and Valley View Casino and Hotel. Check out photos of Focuscom and the San Diego Small Business of the Month award.

Why Focuscom

Our focus is success. Focuscom’s core business is managing your organization’s image with our exclusive knowledge of San Diego and our deep-rooted relationships.

Our team provides a breadth of local, knowledgeable and experienced staff in and public affairs.

We produce results by engaging in strong research, collaborative partnerships and a strategic mindset. Allow us to partner with your organization to bring immediate and long-lasting value.

Focuscom in the Community

Individually and as a whole, Focuscom has an intimate knowledge of San Diego and is active on boards for numerous community-based organizations such as: